Middle East

The countries that come under the Middle Eastern belt are the preservers of history and religion not to mention style and modernity!

Jordan’s remarkable Petra. Jerusalem Bethlehem, Yardemit and such treasures. Floating on the Dead Sea. The charm and intrigue of Egypt’s Pyramids, the Nile and the Pharaohs. Dubai and Abu Dhabi - synonymous with luxury and great bargains.

To visit places that are so deep in history, myth and legends is an experience unlike any other.


Dubai is a modern city of compelling contrasts and boundless energy. With a unique combination of guaranteed sunshine all year round, sandy white beaches, welcoming atmosphere, diverse culinary experiences, modern infrastructure, and cultural attractions, Dubai offers visitors all the benefits of a cosmopolitan city combined with the magic of traditional Arabia. The exhilarating desert safari is an amazing opportunity for a magical and memorable evening. You can also visit the Burj Khalifa - the tallest building on earth or sandboard on the dunes and ride a camel. With myriad shopping malls, flamboyant hotels, a dizzying array of dining options and hip clubs and bars, it’s all just too easy - Dubai is like no other city on earth.

UAE's capital Abu Dhabi is just 2 hours drive from Dubai and is home to some of the world’s most exciting new adventures. The world's largest indoor theme park - the Ferrari World has the world's fastest roller coaster, the Yas Watertheme park, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque dazzling in white marble is the world’s most expensive mosque and has the world's largest carpet.

Jordan's Petra is without doubt one of the Middle East's most spectacular, unmissable sights. There's so much more to see in Jordan - ruined Roman cities, Crusader castles, desert citadels and powerful biblical sites. But it's not all just crusty ruins. Jordan's capital Amman is a modern, culturally diverse Arab city which is lightyears away from the typical cliches of Middle Eastern exoticism. The country also offers some of the wildest adventures in the region, as well as an incredibly varied backdrop ranging from the red desert sands of Wadi Rum to the brilliant blues of the coral-filled Gulf of Aqaba; from rich palm-filled wadis to the lifeless Dead Sea. Ultimately it's the sensual delights of daily life in the Middle East that you'll hanker for longest after you return home; the bittersweet taste of cardamom coffee or the smell of a richly scented nargileh (water pipe); the intoxicating swirl of Arabic pop sliding out of an Amman doorway and the deafening silence of the desert.
The land that gave birth to the first great civilisation needs little introduction. You will be surprised to discover that the legendary pyramids are merely the tip of the archaeological iceberg. Experience the history and culture on a tour that explores Cairo, cruises along the Nile and visit Luxor, Alexandria and the Siwa Oasis. Be humbled by the grandeur of the pyramids, step back in time at magnificent pharaonic tombs, get back to nomadic life in a desert camp. Explore all that Egypt has to offer - both its major sights and its tucked-away treasures.
Traverse the dramatic coastline and the picturesque interiors of Oman. Take a fantastic boat trip up through Bandar Khayran with its numerous private coves. Continue on down the northerly coastline staying at White Sands Beach at Fins and exploring the beautiful Wadi Shab before reaching the Turtle Reserve at Ras Al Jinz, home to the Green Back Turtles. Head to the famous Wahiba Sands desert before getting to the old capital Nizwa and some fantastic trekking in the Hajar Mountains. The trip would not be complete without visits to the old ruins, magnificent castles and the unique falaj irrigation systems.