A colorful mosaic of the past; a feel of the future; the cradle of history, many famous monuments – breathtaking in their superior beauty, holy destinations for many faiths Adventure, romance, history, religion culture -This continent has so much to offer.

Middle East

The countries that come under the Middle Eastern belt are the preservers of history and religion not to mention style and modernity!
The Petra, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Yardemit - places that are so deep in history, myth and legends is an experience unlike any other.


The futuristic west meets the traditional east in a perfect blend that’s makes up the countries of the Orient. Cuisines loved the world over, ancient traditions and ultra modern resorts and theme parks are all found in this little part of the world.


Island, country, continent… Australia is a big'un whichever way you spin it.

Bungee jumping, Kayaking or hot ballooning - New Zealand is certain to get adrenaline coursing through your veins.